G’day codger. Yes, once again, your favourite outdoor gig will be stocked full of glorious atmosphere and take place, again, in stunning South-East Queensland. October 8th: it’s one epic day and night amongst the open air and although we may not have a natural amphitheatre, our common grassy knoll will satisfy all partaking punters. This is a DIY festival with a difference. We hand-pick the artists, you hand-pick your mates.

Outside Tribe

Our unique festival began as a blazing birthday party for a bunch of close mates and fam-bam. Back then, we figured that crowdfunding idea might serve to put on better shows, without the need for commercial sponsorship. It worked. A few times, even.

While that approach has been good to us, we discovered something far more valuable: our tribe.

Your word-of-mouth, volunteering, hard yakka and contributions are what makes our world go ‘round. This year, we’re launching a new format for funding the event. It’s a simple model that puts your contributions directly in the hands of talented, independent artists and rewards you with unique events.

We call it tribe funding.

In the coming weeks, Outside Tribe will invite some lucky early-adopters to join the tribe. This is new territory. We’ll be embarking on this adventure together.


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